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On behalf of our budding artists at Sinfo-Nia Orchestra and Cambridge Academy, we appreciate your donation to support our “Push The Button Please” movement to restore and build the music and dance programs for students at Cambridge Academy. Due to economics, a once thriving curriculum has ended. In order to alleviate this financial expense for parents of deserving students, we are asking you to donate $5 or more to assist children whose artistic experience will provide an interdisciplinary experience preparing them for every pursuit of life.
Access to Public Arts Education is at an all-time low in not only the state of Georgia, but in the entire nation. Federal funds that were once earmarked for Arts in public education have been re-allocated to primarily support “core” subjects. It is unfortunate that the intrinsic relationship between achievement in art and core academics is disregarded in the 21st century. The University of British Columbia completed a study establishing that students who are consistently involved in high levels of instrumental music demonstrated significantly higher in mathematics proficiency than their non-music peers. Likewise, the teaching and learning processes that occur in music courses have an impact on student learning in both music and academic classes. Further, involvement in musical activities increases students’ self-esteem and social competences, including the reduction in aggressive and anti-social behavior. What is most appalling is that the study concluded that fewer arts classes results in a decline in curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm and persistence as students proceed through school. During this “slash of the arts era,” all is not loss. In order to provide creative outlets for our children, we must simply find innovative ways to keep arts alive. Understanding the true value for the arts, the Los Angeles School District voted to make arts a "core" subject. Until we are able to catch up with that type of forward thinking in metro-Atlanta, we can “Push The Button” and make a huge difference. Please remember that in the future the progress of our culture will be measured solely by advancement in the arts. “Push the Button Please” and donate today!